Prison Reform is a large and complicated conversation, a goal that we all strive to reach – which is always tomorrow. Unfortunately for those who are facing incarceration today – the Presentence Report is the key to their immediate future.

Facing Federal Prison

  • Current federal incarceration rates are increasing, mostly affecting people of color.
  • In the federal system; over 86% of those indicted-go to prison., (in the state system; over 75% of those indicted- go to prison).
  • After a verdict of guilty, the most important document is the Presentence Report (PSR); a healthcare, criminal, family and financial background of the defendant.
  • Law Schools do not teach the details of implementing the medical, security and prison placement process.
  • Legal teams, after a verdict of guilty do their best to make ‘qualified’ prison placement recommendations to the court. These recommendations should take into account security, medical and mental healthcare needs as well as  providing a match to preexisting interests your client may have in higher learning along with specific occupational trades training (where applicable).


  • Providing qualified prison placement recommendations to the court before sentencing, taking into account both healthcare needs as well as specific interests the client may have in an occupational trade or higher learning.
  • Reduce Recidivism by matching and nurturing your client’s preexisting interest in a particular occupational trade or higher education; with an appropriate prison.
    • One example lies in: The, a program started at San Quentin State Prison.
  • Providing continuity of medical care, that matches your client with prisons that are able to provide the healthcare that they need.

The PSR (Presentence Report) is used by:

  • The judge for sentencing.
  • The BOP (Bureau of Prisons) to designate, or place you in a particular prison.
  • Probation to supervise you after release.
  • Finally, it then becomes a permanent part of your record.

PPRS Prison Match™; The only online worksheet that matches the defendant to a prison based on their:

PPRS Prison Match™ with regard to state prisons provides only the medical portion that may affect the sentencing designation process, but there is no state prison matching available at this time.

PPRS Prison Match™, a Presentence Report Service: is best used following a guilty verdict in a federal case, but should in some cases be started as soon as the person has initially been detained or indicted.
At this point in my career this knowledge has provided me with the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the community in a way that only I know how. Choosing the best prison facility placement benefits the individual, their family and society.

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Increased incarcerations along with the reopening of previously phased out private prisons, while directing the implementation of maximum sentences.