Parenting Program

Program Description The Parenting Program provides inmates information and counseling through directed classes on how to enhance their relationship with their children even while incarcerated. All parenting programs include a classroom component and relationship building visitation activities. In addition, social services outreach contacts are often established to facilitate the provision of services to the inmate parent, visiting custodial parent, and children.
Time Frame Inmates may participate in the Parenting Program at any point during their sentence. The duration of the program varies by institution-to-institution.
Admission Criteria All inmates are afforded the opportunity to participate in the Parenting Program.
Program Content The Parenting Program varies in length, depth, and content from institution-to-institution. Providers of Parenting Program components may include educational staff, as well as volunteers from a community group and/or a social service organization. However, the program’s curriculum is recommended to address parenting skills, skills for family support, family literacy education, substance abuse education, and prenatal care information for expectant mothers.
Empirical Support Research has shown parenting programs for incarcerated parents can improve their self-esteem, parenting attitudes, and institutional adjustment.
Applicable Policies 5355.03 Parenting Program Standards.
5267.08 Visiting Regulations.
Volunteers and Citizen Participation Programs.
Education Training and Leisure Time Program Standards
Institution Locations All Bureau facilities offer the Parenting Program.