Sex Offender Treatment Program – Residential (SOTP-R)

Residential (SOTP-R) Nonresidential (SOTP-NR)
Program Description The Sex Offender Treatment Program – Residential (SOTP-R) is a high intensity program designed for high risk sexual offenders. The program consists of cognitive-behaviorally based psychotherapy groups, to taling 10-12 hours per week, on a residential treatment unit employing a modified therapeutic community model.
Time Frame Inmates are ordinarily placed in the SOTP-R during the last 36 months of their sentence, prioritized by release date. The typical duration of the SOTP-R is 12-18 months.
Admission Criteria Participants in the SOTP-R have a history of multiple sex crimes, extensive non-sexual criminal histories, and/or a
high level of sexual deviancy or hypersexuality. The program is voluntary. Prior to placement in the SOTP-R, prospective participants are screened with a risk assessment instrument to ensure their offense history is commensurate with high intensity treatment.
Program Content The SOTP-R was designed to target dynamic risk factors associated with re-offense in sex offenders, as demonstrated by empirical research. These factors include: sexual self-regulation deficits and sexual deviancy; criminal thinking and behavior patterns; intimacy skills deficits; and emotional self-regulation deficits. The program employs cognitive-behavioral techniques, with a primary emphasis on skills acquisit ion and practice. The modified therapeutic community model is employed to address pro-offending attitudes and values.
Empirical Support The SOTP-R was designed to conform to the characteristics of sex offender treatment programs with a proven effectiveness in reducing re-offense as demonstrated by outcome research. These characterist ics include: 1) stratification of treatment into separate tracks for high and low/moderate risk offenders; 2) targeting empirically demonstrated dynamic risk factors; and 3) training and oversight to ensure fidelity with the program model. In addition, the Office of Research and Evaluation is conduct ing an evaluation project on the SOTP-R.
Applicable Policies PS 5324.10 Sex Offender Programs
Institution Locations Residential Sex Offender Treatment Programs are available at the following facilities:
North Central Region
USP Mari on, IL-Medium / High
North East Region
FMC Devens, MA-Med. Ctr.