$275/hr. for CJA Panel Attorneys, not to exceed $2200; all with phone support, 1-hour minimum.

    $275 per hour for specific questions, 1-hour minimum. 

    $4500 BOP PPRS Prison Match™ with phone support, provides:
    1- PSR Addendum
    2- Preparing the Federal Prison Match™ Placement Request, with attached CIC (where available) and BOP Supporting Documentation:
    a) Medical COVID Treatments, most medications appear to be not available:
    * Medications that mitigate hospitalizations following a Positive COVID Test –Monoclonal Antibody Bamlanivimab: Distribution Locations
    b) Medical CARE LEVEL, via the BOP I-IV Structure
    c) Mental Healthcare CARE LEVEL I-IV Structure
    d) Medical Devices that are allowed
    e) Medical Co-Payments – when implemented: P6031.02 [549.70(b), 549.72, 549.74]
    f) Specific Medication Availability: whether: (1) Available on Formulary, (2) Non-Formulary or (3) just not available – here I’ll provide defense options.
    g) Mint Program: January 2021 – FOR PREGNANT WOMEN IN DOJ CUSTODY
    h) BOP Prison Match™ with CIC and BOP documentation, court ready for the sentencing hearing and prison placement request?
    i) BOP Public Safety Factors and Management Variable Policy (P5100.08) Chapter 4, Pages 5-13; and Chapter 5, Pages 12-13
    j) USSC Security Requirements
    k) UNICOR Job availability
    l) Occupational trades training program(s) availability
    m) Nearby Hotels
    n) Prison Placement within 500 driving miles of the defendant’s legal residence (but which is ‘aspirational’ on the part of the BOP)
    o) If an FPC is a choice, demonstrating the difference between a Freestanding FPC vs a Satellite Minimum Camp could be valuable to your client.
    p) Psychology Program Eligibility
    q) RDAP Eligibility
    r) Military Veteran: There is 1 facility in the BOP, with a dedicated wing just for veterans, where they learn to train service guide dogs for veterans who have either PTSD or other disabilities, while also training service guide dogs for other military service missions.
    s) Self-Surrendering, even to a camp, can temporarily be interrupted by a stay in solitary confinement – how to avoid that outcome.

    What to bring when self-surrendering:

    1. Basic wedding band, Bible.
    2. Prescriptions for medications (4 weeks recommended), at worst they are thrown out, at best they are available for your use. When surrendering on weekends or holidays the BOP may allow these to be used if not available from their onsite pharmacy. Prescriptions also needed for medical devices, glasses, etc.,  as long as they are not made with metal.
    3. ID: birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, and social security card.
    4. Cash: $320 ($370 in November and December), then use either MoneyGram or Western Union for monthly deposits.
    5. Legal papers.
    6. List of personal names (including phone numbers and addresses).