These resources contain information for the general public as well as for families whose loved ones are incarcerated.


Article: 2014 Immigrants Warehoused & Forgotten, ACLU (in Directory How To) U.S. Legal Forms
Article: 50-Most-Comfortable-Prisons-in-the-World Catholic University Law Review
Spring 2017 Article 7, 6-30-2017
Death Row Dogs, Hard Time Prisoners, and Creative Rehabilitation Strategies: Prisoner-Dog Training Programs
Article: Help With Paying Attorney Fees Write a Prisoner, Going to Prison
Facebook: Family Prison Sites Prison on the outside- In My Own Prison
Facebook: Family Voices Prison Sites BOP Legal Matters
Families of the incarcerated; On Facebook Background Public Records Search
Public Records Search
Article: How to Find Help to Pay for a Lawyer
Article: How US Private Prisons Profit From Immigrant Detention  Home Confinement
Article: Criminal Law-Free Advice Prison Legal News
Drug and alcohol rehab centers reviews Inside Books Project sends this Resource Guide free of charge to any inmate in the U.S
Money Gram – Sending money to those incarcerated
The Lionheart Foundation Article: Non-citizens involved in the criminal justice system
Public Records Search Obstacles to successful reentry into their communities.
Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends, & Partners
92% of defendants with public council, and 91% with private council either pleaded guilty or were found guilty at trial.
FORUM on Corrections Research – The Canadian Families and Corrections Network The Canadian Families and Corrections Network Article: Prison’s Black Market Information
Article: Families of Prisoners Support Group Self Help Legal Documents
Dirt Search Article: The 12 Best Federal Prisons to Do Time
Article: How Do I Look Up a Criminal Record for Free With No Registration? BOP Policies and Forms
Rule 32 The Mentally Ill in Prison
Magazine Service for Inmates Article: Timeline of Important Latino Americans
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Returning to Work After Prison | MDRC Western Union® Inmate Services
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Official Police Records Reported By Law Enforcement Agencies www.accesscorrections.comEasy, secure ways to send and deposit money