PPRS Prison Match™ Federal Sentencing, PSR and Placement Preparation – Helps

PPRS Prison Match™- Federal Sentencing, PSR and Placement Preparation
  • May save the legal team time, effort and expense while providing the best prison placement options.
  • May save the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) the cost of a subsequent medical or non-medical transfer later, no matter how rare.
  • Could save the defendant (and their family) the legal expense of a court-ordered transfer (no matter how rare), which usually does not solve the issue in a timely manner.
  • Ultimately, it is much simpler, quicker and less expensive (for the BOP, defense team and the defendant’s family), to place a defendant accurately the first time.
  • Note: the BOP has the final say on any and all inmate issues.
PPRS Prison Match incorporates these federal sentencing and placement data points:

 PPRS PrisonMatch™ is:

  • based on USSC and BOP Guidelines
  • an online intake document similar to your own physician’s history which anyone can fill out while easing your judge’s concerns regarding accepting, followed by making a specific placement request to the BOP.
  • the only online resource for this content, in this format.
Is your client a veteran?

If possible connect your client with a facility that caters to veterans. FCI Morgantown began a Veterans-to-Veterans Service Dog Training Program in 2016.

The participants are federally imprisoned military veterans who are housed in a special wing, and who will be training service dogs for veterans who have mobility impairments and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD).

Military prisons with service dog training programs.
  • NAVCONBRIG Miramar ((aka Joint Regional Correctional Facility Southwest) )
  • NW Joint Regional Correctional Facility Ft Lewis Washington
  • Military Prison at Fort Leavenworth

Once their training is complete, these dogs are placed with veterans in the community who have:

Catholic University Law Review – Support for inmate rehabilitation through Dog Training Programs

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