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Over the past years our country has faced an increasing number of criminal and social justice issues that are in conflict with our democratic values.


Mental illness cases swamp criminal justice system (USA Today, May 12, 2014). 

  • Stigma is deeply embedded in American society, and even written into federal law.
  • Many people are afraid to seek care, for fear that others will learn of their condition.
Lastly there are those who can’t find help. Medicaid and Medicare policies that limit funding for psychiatric care prevent many patients from finding a hospital bed, advocates say (USA Today, May 12, 2014).


DOJ OIG Releases Report on the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Use of Restrictive Housing for Inmates with Mental IllnessFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 12, 2017[i]

  • BOP policies do not adequately address the confinement of inmates with mental illness in restrictive housing.
  • The BOP does not sufficiently track or monitor the confinement of inmates with mental illness in restrictive housing.
  • BOP mental health staff does not always document inmates’ mental disorders.
  • After the BOP adopted a new mental health policy, which increased the standards of care for inmates with mental illness, BOP data shows a 30 percent reduction in the number of inmates who receive regular mental health treatment.


Currently it appears that jails and prisons are taking the place of mental healthcare once a person encounters the judicial system. It is therefore imperative for the PSR to identify if there is a mental health need, and then request treatments that will not result in endless lengths of time in solitary confinement as referenced in a DOJ Report, dated 08-06-2017.

HALFWAY HOUSE REENTRY PROGRAM: Team Trump is slashing programs that help prisoners adapt to life on the outside. 

“These changes threaten to make our communities less safe. “Samantha Michaels”. Dec. 15, 2017.

Domestic Violence 

These issues have always been front and center, but in recent years the Me Too Movement and the courts are taking notice. Front and center: 2-8-2018 Trump White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned.


Medical Marijuana 

Medicinal use has taken years for the National Institutes of Health and the Courts (ie.:The Trump administration is readying for a crackdown on marijuana users…) to consider when evaluating its medicinal benefit (while Europe and Israel have already embraced the Medical properties it has to offer).
Thursday January 4th, 2018; Attorney General Jeff Sessions directs all U.S. Attorneys to enforce the laws enacted by Congress and to follow well-established principles when pursuing prosecutions related to marijuana activities.

Over Incarceration

Over Incarceration is long overdue, recently discussed by the USSC 2016.



“Border Issues”, DACA and Dreamers are tearing at the threads of our democratic values.
In 2012 I saw a way I could ‘make a difference’ utilizing my past 20+ year medical, clinical and surgical career experiences. To that end Physician Presentence Report Service LLC was created, having its sole purpose of serving as advocates for your clients defense through the PSR process.


  • INCARCERATED (Public Counsel) 87.6%
  • INCARCERATED (Private Counsel) 76.5%
  • Probation only (Public Counsel) 12.1%
  • Probation Only (Private Counsel) 22.4%
  • Fine Only (Public Counsel) .3%
  • Fine Only (Private Counsel) 1.1%
Once charged; most of all federal criminal defendants were found guilty, either by plea or jury. Therefore, when charged with a federal crime, it is almost certain that the defendant will face a judge to be sentenced, with 87.6 percent going to prison.

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Benefits of a Comprehensive Presentence Report

  • Self-surrender?
  • Entitled to a camp? if so, what’ s the difference between an FPC and a Satellite Camp?
  • Will the defendant’s prescription medications change upon arrival?
  • Self surrender, should they bring:
    • Medications 4- 6 weeks supply?
    • What’s a Formulary?
    • Generic or Brand Name,
    • Eye Glasses, Hearing aides; how many pairs should they bring? Should their doctor’s prescription be with each extra pair?
  • Should all of this be in the PSR?
  • Are more (or less) medical issues better?
  • Defendant facing <10 years; no drugs, no alcohol. What facility-prison placement would benefit your client?
  • Defendant with >10 years; just someone who made mistake; where is best?
  • What’ s a CPAP? Ensuring continuity of medical care and access to pre-existing medical devices.
To the person about to be incarcerated, even those for the 1st time, ensuring accuracy of the smallest details is important. Their biggest concerns are: How long will I be there? When Can I Get Out? Is There an Easier Place? Will it be safe?

As healthcare providers we’ve spent our careers treating you.
Physician Presentence Report Service, LLC – Advocating for your Clients Defense.