The Presentence Report and its impact on your sentence.


The Presentence Report (~ 50% a Medical History), is very similar to your own doctor’s initial office visit forms where either the nurse or physician is there with you. Here non-medical personnel are responsible, or the defendant is handed the PSR and asked to fill it out, returning it promptly and complete. Neither presents a good option.
The responsibility for verifying the Presentence Report and then Interview falls to the Probation Officers who are doing their best with the limited time that they have. They are the over worked and non-medically trained court ordered professionals who interview, observe, write and then submit  their reports with recommendations to the Judge. The judge in turn depends on this same PSR to sentence the defendant.
When there is a guilty verdict or plea, ‘prison placement occurs over 87% of the time’,with facility placement determined by the office of Designation and Sentence Computation Center. They use this same Presentence Report to determine your clients Medical & Security Prison Placement.


Summarizing the Importance of a Comprehensive Presentence Report:

  • The Judge depends on this report for sentencing.
  • The Bureau of Prison (BOP) uses the Report to determine prison placement.
  • Following incarceration, this same Presentence Report impacts the defendant throughout their post release years while under Probation.
  • Lastly, it becomes a permanent part of the defendant’s record.
The Presentence Report and then Interview is your clients last opportunity to make a positive and proactive ‘best 1st Impression’ with the Court.

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