PPRS Prison Match™

A medical consulting software that concentrates on the Presentence Report; providing accurate and best prison placement options.

Prison Match™; matches defendants to facilities based on their:

Medical and mental healthcare needs.

Security requirements.

Existing interests in either college, or training in an occupation trade or apprenticeship; Reducing Recidivism.

Facing Incarceration?

Let our healthcare providers be your Medical Expert, advocating for your clients best prison placement.

Prison Reform is a Complicated Conversation, and while we are all working to change the current policy, for those facing their court date today;

PPRS Prison Match™ attempts Humane Sentencing through the PSR, and its impact on the defendants future.


Accurate Prison Placement

Benefits of an”objective classification system”:



Individuals released with a new future for themselves and their communities.

The Court

Reduced Recidivism starts before the day of ‘sentencing’ and ‘facility placement’.

Your Client

Released with enhanced life skills and future positive goals.

The Legal Team

Changes the incarceration paradigm through a Personal Holistic Approach.

Prison Match:

* Saves the legal team: Time, Effort and Expense.
* Saves the defendant and their family both: extra legal expenses along with a lengthy transfer delay.
* May save the Federal Bureau of Prisons the expenses of future medical, and/or non-medical transfers later.



  • Humane Sentencing.

  • Reduced Recidivism.

  • Continuity of medical care.

  • Helping your client make informed choices.

  • Mental health treatment without endless solitary confinement.

…providing your loved ones with a 2nd chance – starts before sentencing;


by supporting those who wish to create positive futures for themselves and their families‘.



A personalized Presentence Report (PSR), submitted before sentencing matches:

  • Individual Healthcare needs.

  • Education (College) aspirations.

  • Occupational Trades Training.

    i.e., Accounting – Welder

While this is a difficult and fearful time, where appropriate discuss with your client ‘accepting responsibility’;

as well as what job, educational and lifetime goals they may have, including all of this in their PSR.

Part I: Fill out our online Prison Match™ Software.

The form is simple and easy to fill out. Your paralegal, legal secretary, family member or attorney can all seamlessly use our system.


Part II: Evaluate Medical History Intake Portion For Continuity of Medical Care.

  • Specific Medical Services.
  • Medication availability.

Part III: Security Classification.

Legal team approximates their client’s security classification.



Part IV: “Prison Matches” your client with a facility that provides:

(a) Primary Matching Components; without extenuating circumstances, this appears to make up approximately 90+% of the placement process.

  • Individual Healthcare needs ‘Providing Continuity of Medical Care, (accounts for ~50% of the federal placement process).                   

    Noteworthy: Should a Federal Medical Center be a consideration, it is important to understand they house all security levels; from non violent to most violent gang members.

  • Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.- a camp (or a facility with a Skills Program) should be considered.               
    Related symptoms or aspects of other conditions, such as:

    • a learning disability.
    • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    • Tourette’s syndrome or other tic disorders.
    • epilepsy.
    • dyspraxia.
    • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
    • generalized anxiety disorder.
    • depression.
  • Security Requirements, (accounts for ~50% of the federal placement process).

(b) Secondary Matching Components:

  • Accepting Responsibility.
  • Education (College) aspirations, (Reducing Recidivism).
  • .An existing interest in an Occupational Trade or Apprenticeship, (Reducing Recidivism).
  • FPC (Federal Prison Camp) vs Satellite Camp: there is a significant difference.
  • Medical and Mental Healthcare; Prosthetic’s, Medications and Medical Devices, bring with you (if you are self surrendering), with physician’s orders that should also be part of your PSR.
  • Lastly; the legal team has the option to decide what information (including medical) to, or not to include into their clients PSR, as well as taking into account the prison proximity to their client’s family and loved ones.
Recognizing that the Bureau of Prison (BOP) is not obligated to follow the courts recommendation, we have utilized the BOP’s own documentation with the hope of increasing the chances of their granting the courts placement recommendation.


(c) When finished you’ll have:

  • A PSR Worksheet – Addendum, Court ready using the Federal Bureau of Prison’s own referenced material.
  • Immediate access to choose the Best & Appropriate Prison Facilities in order to request a qualified placement designation for your client.
  • Should there be an educational or trades training match with your clients interests (Reducing their Recidivism) – this should be noted and included within their PSR.
  • Documentation to offer the court: Medical PSR, RDAP (where eligible), documented and ideally supporting specific facility placement recommendations.
  • Legal services are strongly recommended while completing this worksheet and its eventual presentation to the court.

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As Healthcare Providers we’ve spent our careers ‘treating you – our patients.’
Let our Healthcare Providers be your Experts in the Medical Designation or Placement Process.
PSR Advocates for the defense.

 PPRS Prison Match™, positively impacting your client’s future.


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The benefits and issues that this simple process resolves are priceless when used correctly.
There is no guarantee that the BOP will go along with specific facility placement recommendation(s).
As medical providers we’ve spent our careers treating you— our patients.
Now, as Physician Presentence Report Service,
we advocate for your clients defense.


My only goal is to help you AND your families get positioned as best as possible. Together with your Legal Team, we’ll do the best we can. The judge will pass sentence on the defendant, and then make recommendations based on the final official Presentence Report. By that time if the BOP agrees and you are prepared, you will be in about as good a position as you can be.





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