Reducing Recidivism – A Successful Approach

Reducing Recidivism – A Successful Approach

All photo's Credit The Last Mile

All photo’s Credit The Last Mile, Started at San Quentin

…supporting those who wish to create positive futures for themselves and their families.’

From my very 1st published blog in 2018, The Last Mile stands in a class all by itself.

The Last Mile (TLM) was created to provide programs that result in successful reentry and reduce recidivism. We believe that jobs are the key to breaking the cycle of incarceration. Our mission is to provide marketable skills that lead to employment. Our in an out program provides career training in prison with mentorship and job placement upon release.

Breaking the cycle of incarceration through:

The TLM program focuses on training new skills, build projects and software applications.

TLM Works engineers code and ship software to paying clients while earning market comparable wages.

TLM is highly requested across the country, with 17 program locations in six states.

Through partnerships with tech companies, TLM Returned Citizens build upon their skills with paid apprenticeships.

Changing Lives – Read their stories.

All photo's Credit The Last Mile

All photo’s Credit The Last Mile

We can all agree that leaving prison with a “Felony” on one’s record disqualifies them from most jobs in our current workforce.

But through TLM they now have a chance at creating a new life.

The Last Mile is a successful example of what can be done in changing our existing recidivism paradigm.

The issue of a “Felony” on one’s record is a political issue, and one that politicians all across the country need to address. Our society’s reality is that released inmates are facing this challenge every day; this is their albatross. Even so, if the effort is made early before prison placement, we can begin to start changing some of their future ‘paradigm’ challenges.

In the meantime programs like TLM are stepping up.



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